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Guitarist, composer and musical arranger Andrés Ángel (Medellín, Colombia) started playing the guitar at an early age. At the age of 10 he began his studies at the Conservatorio de Bellas Artes de Medellín and later he went on to the University of Antioquia.

To fulfil his ambition of becoming a professional guitar player he moved to Europe to study classical guitar in Feldkirch (Austria) at the Vorarlberger Landeskonservatorium, where he graduated with honours as a guitar soloist.

After his graduation he decided to specialise in flamenco guitar. To this end he returned to Seville, now dedicating himself exclusively to the art of flamenco as a musician and composer.

“Andrés Ángel's music displays a controlled passion, unrestrained virtuosity and spirited rhythms and conjures up the wistful poetry of a desolate landscape."                                                                                 Fritz Jurmann, VN VORARLBERGER NACHRICHTEN, APRIL 2017 (Austria)   

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Professional flamenco and classical guitarist. His work as a musical director, composer and arranger has led him to perform in more than 20 countries within diverse projects ranging from flamenco, in its variety of expressions to latin american music, electronic music, classical music, world music and jazz among others. He has been recognized with 8 international prizes as guitarist and composer.

“In Manuel Montero we find flamenco, elegance a remarkable technique and a total mastery of the classic spanisch guitar, allowing him to be perfectly compared with Sanlúcar, Riqueni, Vicente Amigo, and, even if it could be thought as a blasphemy to compare him with the greatest maestro Paco de Lucía. His influence are undoubted, specially in his virtuoso technic and his outstanding elegance.“

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